Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Quest

Welcome to my new blog.  What is this about, you may ask?  It is about the things I think about.  I have been told time and time again that people like my facebook status updates (or statii, as I like to call them) so I should write more.  So how do you start a blog?  No idea.  But since this is a beginning and 6 days before my birthday, I will focus on that.  This is about my birthday quest, to get as much free stuff as possible.  Preferably stuff I want.  So I posted on facebook asking for people to tell me places to go to get stuff.  This isn't about the $$$ (although the fact that I haven't gotten a paycheck since August does make getting free stuff a little more exciting-by the way, my first pay day is-my birthday!!!!).  It's about just feeling like my birthday is as awesome as possible.  Think of how many people will wish me well that day!  and think of all the calories I won't have to feel guilty about because everyone knows that calories don't count on your birthday!  I didn't necessarily want food by the way, it just seems to be the most available.
So, today I spent at least an hour (no one said this will be easy) signing up for stuff.  OK, so I actually bought something from Sephora to qualify for my birthday gift but I needed it anyway.  I did realize though that a lot of "free stuff" was going to be given to me after I purchasd something else.  I'm like XXXX sorry, that doesn't count.  I may do a few of those but will have to be careful.  I spend enough the rest of the year so they could give me a break and just give me something free on this one day! I also realized that some of the coupons are for the next two weeks (thank you Cold Stone Creamery!) so I can really spread my birthday celebrations out.  This should help me with the time factor, since I do have work that day.  It should also cut down on the threat of a stomach ache since I mostly keep finding food coupons. 
Here is where I have signed up:
Cold Stone
Mama Fu's
Baskin Robbins
Melting Pot (but that website was a pain)
Buca Di Beppo's
Vera Bradley (who I don't even like)
Sephora (who I love!!!)
Joe's Crab Shack (when you sign up, they say you now have crabs)
to be continued....


  1. Cute idea. I look forward to your random ramblings :) and I think I'm your 1st comment!

  2. my first comment ever! I am so excited to ramble and be rambled back at!

  3. Way to go Janis. This is going to be fun.
    Hope you get lots of freebies!

  4. Guess what? Rex and I want free tickets to your stand up one day.

  5. I will comp you two! I could go for a nice world tour...

  6. I got birthday cupcakes at the FL Panthers game on Friday night and a 15% off coupon in a pouch from Anthropologie. DSW sent me a $5 off coupon and Annie Sez sent me a $10 off coupon.

  7. I signed up for Anthropologie and got nada! They didn't even ask me for my birthday. hmmm...