Saturday, October 19, 2013

I wonder what I should wonder about?

Hello All,
I am not able to commit to posting every day or on any particular schedule.  Unfortunately, my most bloggable thoughts usually occur to me while I am stuck in traffic.  Although I do often find myself driving 5 mph, I have decided against putting the laptop on my steering wheel and blogging while driving. Come to think of it, there is insane driving in Miami so maybe the other drivers ARE blogging?
Anyway, I was thinking about blog topics.  Inspired by Christie of, I started wondering if I should go for a schedule of themes to help me choose a topic. That leads to the question of what themes I could come up with. Of course my first thought was "Taco Tuesdays" but I don't really have much to say about that and to be honest, I don't always eat tacos on Tuesdays. (Also, I'm not sure why I said "of course" because what made that so obvious??)  Anyway, I know I would like to cover the following subjects: bunny stories, songs and lyrics that inspire and art (made by either myself or someone else that I can spotlight.  I haven't made anything in a while though so mostly it will be the art of others). Otherwise, I think just whatever randomness strikes my fancy.  Can anyone think of any other good themes?  If my sister ever reads this blog (shame on you), I am fairly sure she will think of our themes that we made up to make subway rides more interesting.  However, I am not sure how crazy hat day will pan out on a blog...
Any thoughts?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What are these two up to?

Since I work with children, I am amused by many things that are said to me during the day.  I wish I wrote them all down because I would have a hilarious book by now.  When I meet a new student, I always ask them about their pets and usually show them a picture of mine.  Seriously, everyone likes a good bunny picture.  Actually, seriously, not really everyone, but most people do and certainly most kids.  Today I showed a picture of my bunnies on a couch.  There was a towel with a box on it.  The towel is because they shed so much and they love the box.  I sit on the other side of the couch (no towel needed and I am not interested in running in and out of a box).   They have their spot and I have mine. They really don't jump off the couch.  I sit there and pet them, they play, McFlurry tries to escape, that's the routine.  Here's what happened the other day when I got up for a minute to get something.
So, while there is the temptation to think that bunnies don't know rules or understand anything, I am pretty sure they know what they are supposed to do because it takes about 5 seconds for them to do the opposite of what you want!  Those two were clearly claiming my spot!!!!
When I showed this picture to my student today, her eyes got very big and she said with excitement "So bunnies are NAUGHTY!!!!"  haha!  So much cuteness mixed with bad bunny behavior?  Irresistable!!!  Another bunny fan has been created!