Saturday, November 6, 2010

What's in a hair?

Please don't write to me about DNA and chromosomes.  That is not where this blog is going.   I have big poofy hair.  I used to hate it and then, sometime in my late teens/early 20's I started to love it.  I wanted it to be as big and curly (but not furballish) as possible.  I like to get in blown out when I have it cut just for a change and I know it looks neater that way but, I for some reason think that my big hair gives me strength and power.  I mean, I am a distant relative of Samson, aren't I?  Right now my hair is long, long, long and not looking to good.  So today I have to go cut some of it off.  I am guessing about 3 inches.  It is causing me hair anxiety.  Here are some hair thoughts:
1.  The bigger the hair, the bigger my head which means my body is smaller by comparison.  Therefore, cutting inches of hair off will automatically put on at least 5 pounds.
2.  The last time I had short hair was about 10 years ago.  I broke up with some dumbass, I mean man, I mean a mean man, and somehow that made me want to cut my hair up to my ears.  (Question 1)  Why do women do this???  The hair cut was pretty cute, I think.  It also was BRIGHT red (another hair obsession that I had to eventually give up but still miss).  Well, there I was thinking my do was pretty awesome when a male friend pulled me aside and, out of the kindness of his heart, told me that if I ever wanted to get married, I should grow my hair out because that's what men want.  (Question 2)  Why do people say stupid crap like this?  I am sure that people have hair preferences but I think that is a bit extreme and not the nicest thing to say to a single girl.
3.  A women's hair sets her apart.  I certainly feel like mine sets me apart.  I know I complain about the Jewfro sometimes but really it is a large (sometimes very large) part of me.  It is also an amazingly accurate rain and humidity predictor.
4.  By the way, in the "Who Got It Right?" section of the before mentioned People StyleWatch, Sally Hershberger gave a thumbs up to Taylor Swift's man made, curling ironed, fake curls and said Mya's was "way too frizzy (which it isn't and what's wrong with a little frizz anyway?) and lacks polish."  I of course, like Mya's way better.  Her hair looks like what I am always trying to get mine to look like. 

Conclusion:  I have none.  I just think there are a lot of judgements being made on hair and a lot of weird hair pressures.  Whatever it is growing out of your head, own it!  Do what you can do to it to love it.  Don't let Sally or anyone else try to tell you otherwise.  She is trying to sell you hair straightening cream...and/or hair curling cream, at the same time.
Hair appointment at 4....hurray!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Social Network

Scott and I went to see The Social Network yesterday.  On the way there, I told him that in a few years they will probably be making a movie about this blog.  I immediately pointed out that I would be played by Scarlett Johansson, with brown hair (for obvious reasons).  If she could start snacking on Reese’s peanut butter cups now, it might be more plausible.  I went through a few potential actors for Scott but for some reason he wasn’t interested (obsessed) with the idea like I was.  I voted for Fred Durst but I was picturing him 10 years ago, not now.  So now I vote for Fred Durst with botox.  So fellow bloggers, please write in and let me know who will be playing you.  No, seriously, I want you to tell me.  It's kind of funny to think about.
Here I am!

This weekend I did a lot of jewelry making.  I hadn’t made anything since, I don’t know when.  It’s been at least a year, I think more.  I actually was afraid to start again.  I planned it but then I kept organizing and looking over stuff and couldn’t get myself to pick up a needle.  Now that I finally started, I can’t stop.  Well, I am able to live my life but I do keep picking it up when I am home.  I am not sure what the hesitation was.  I happen to really like having a creative outlet and feel like something is missing when I am not working on creating something.  I hope to make enough jewelry that I can start selling it on etsy or elsewhere.  In the past few days, I have started following some amazing craft and jewelry blogs.  People out there do the most amazing things and I really respect it.  I know that I have to set time aside in my day to be creative and I am going to do it.  I am feeling inspired…I hope you all will be too.