Sunday, December 5, 2010

blogger's block

Sorry to say that I have had blogger's block.  Is that an expression?  OK, it is now.  It's a few months in and I am still not sure what direction to take this blog.  All I know is this time of year has my head in a whirlwind.  Yesterday I went to get some presents and oh took hours.  I got what I needed (and have a few returns to make).  Here is the most important part of yesterday's excursion.  First of all, I saw a teenager walking down the street with a pacifier in her mouth.  Is that a new fad?  Not into it.  Second, I saw numerous people walking around stores talking to themselves.  I even tried to make sure and check to see if they had a bluetooth, which none of them did.  This month is driving everyone bananas.  On that note...I must Target, I saw a 1 pound package of Reese's peanut butter cups.  It was two large cups.  I have never seen than before.  I picked up the package, read what it was and then heard a very long, drawn out "ohhh my G-d!!!"  After a second I realized that voice was my own.  I actually was so surprised that the words just involuntarily escaped from my mouth!  I quickly walked away because really that was a bit weird.  Oh, and no I didn't buy it.  $9.99 for Reese's is a bit steep.
Also at Target, I saw a sweater I liked.  It was on the wrong rack so I walked around to see if there were more.  I couldn't find them so I circled again.  I just needed to know if it was supposed to be on the sale rack or not.  When I got was gone.  So then I circled again to see if  could find the person who picked up the sweater.  I didn't.  I realized that I was now circling repeatedly, not even looking to buy something but to find the person who bought the something that I have no idea if I wanted in the first place.  This is enough to make you want a pacifier or a pound worth of Reese's.  Is it January yet????  :-)