Thursday, October 28, 2010

People StyleWatch is watching…some other planet

OK, so right now this blog is just a general comment here and there until I pick a real focus.  However, I am sure that this will go in the direction of fashion or design at some point or another.  Today is not that day though.
Every month when magazines arrive in my mailbox, I get excited.  Well, except for People StyleWatch.  I am not exactly sure why I subscribed to it.  I am not much of a celebrity watcher.  I love fashion and especially accessories but I don’t really care what or “who” the stars are wearing.  First of all, I don’t know who most of them are.  Everyone looks so similar that I can’t tell who is who.  I swear Katie Perry and Zooey Deschanel are the same person.  Also, I had to google her name just now to write that.  Anyway, I think I got this magazine for free for a few months and then it was cheap so I ordered it.  Each month I feel obligated to read it since it is in my mailbox.  This month, here is what I got out of it:

What’s IN What’s OUT:

I had no interest in any of the stuff that’s IN this month:
Lifestyle diets- ugh, eat healthy, we know!!!!
Glass accessories- um, ok
Fancy vegetarian menus- sounds good…for dessert
Electro swing- never heard of it
Retro tech- record players are in?  I have no room for one. Where are all my records? How will I fit a record on my ipod shuffle?

It’s the what’s OUT part that got me though:
Off-the-beaten-path-clubs: this is so not relevant to my life at all.
Online T.M.I.- really?  The very month I start a blog???
Poker parties:  it says celebs are hosting weekly Mafia murder-mystery parties instead.  I think I saw something like that on The Office.  Is that what started this trend?  Because that was last season so that is soooo last season.
Fat Cats- it says that cat obesity is now a serious issue so people are buying interactive toys for their cats.  I wonder how many people read this article and then informed their feline that they are now uncool.   I am not a vet, but I kind of think that it is the pet owner’s responsibility to maintain their pet’s weight…and coolness.
Critter Wine Labels- people don’t want pictures of animals on their wine labels anymore.  What’s a kangaroo aspiring model to do?

So there you have it.  I have just made you so much more stylish than you were a month ago.  Now go play with your cat!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Google Experiment Part II

So, now when I sign on,all my ads are about fortune cookies.  I can buy them in bulk or design my own.  By the way, I have always wanted to design my own.  Of course then everyone would have fortunes that say "you love Chinese food" and "you didn't really need those last three bites...did you???"  But I digress, this was about google ads.  Well, I came home from the pharmacy and went online for a top secret shopping mission.  I saw something in a magazine while waiting that I wanted to look up.  We shall call it "research."  So I looked it up and then deleted my browsing history.  Well, don't you know that when I looked at the blog, they showed me an advertisement for that item?  I was like, 'what?  Google!  You are so wise but you cannot keep a secret!'  I think Google just wanted to put it out there that it knows what I am up to....and it wants me to know, that it knows.  To confuse me though, it also puts up items related to my blog such as restaurants, craft fair sites and of course, ice cream and fortune cookie ads.  Every once in a while it says something about pull-ups which holds no interest to me and sometimes it asks me if I need to lose weight.  I haven't posted about that (nor will I) but I can see how the Google Man is making this inference.  Anyway, so Part II (is the amoxicillin affecting my ability to stay on topic?) is I want YOU the reader to post some keywords/topics as comments and see what that does to the Google ads.  It will help if you do not post about the above mentioned topics.  Have fun!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

where is my brain?

Don't think I have nothing to say.  Just know that I have a bad cold and my brain is in a fog.  Why does this happen?  I mean seriously, where does your brain go when you have a cold?  I have spent so much time staring into space this weekend or I would have something to say but not have the energy to bother.  I would think the same thought repeatedly and then think, ok, I guess I need to just say this one.  On Friday, Scott was nice enough to get me wonton/egg drop soup (don't worry, he got me matzo ball on Saturday).  He even got extra fortune cookies. I opened up the cookie and at the last second realized I was staring at, but not really seeing, the cookie and was raising the fortune to my mouth.  uh....what?  Granted, I didn't complete this action but what's the deal?  Worst part, the fortune was not at all interesting and the Chinese place now gets fortune cookies that are English on one side and Spanish on the other.  Now I don't know what my lucky numbers are and can't learn a new Chinese word.  Also, I don't know how to say "in bed" in Spanish.  Anyway, my cold is going away and I will continue my life long quest of getting a fortune that says "you love Chinese food."  I got that once in high school and am totally pissed I didn't keep it.  Hopefully when I get it, I won't have a cold and accidentally ingest it.  achoo...