Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the lemon blog

"you were always on my mind....you were always on my mind."  Sorry, I meant to blog sooner but things around here have been so crazy.  Everytime I thought of something to say, I realized I was about to write something personal...too personal.  I want an honest, heartfelt blog but I do not want to air my dirty laundry.  Also, you know what is hard is that, if something or someone (in particular someone) does you wrong, it is so tempting to just write it for the world.  I am not about being negative though so I censor myself.  I am going to say it like this "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade and fight the temptation of throwing the leftover lemon rinds in the face of whoever handed you those damn lemons you didn't want in the first place."  Is that a saying?  Well, it should be.  I just coined it.
So, now that all of that is said, here I am.  Everything is fine here really.  Life is just life!  In the meantime, between issues, I have been trying to concentrate on being creative and enjoying the arts and talents of others.  Also, Cuby and Oafie have been a comfort to Scott and I.  I write that as I hear the following in the next room "Hi guys!  Stop thumping!  Hey, they peed in their dish."  So maybe "comforting" is not the best word to describe my pets.  How about, entertaining and amusing (yet gross).
Thank you to everyone who has ordered stuff from me lately.  I am making sure to keep up on my new jewelry business.  I keep getting orders so I haven't had time to open a store!  Maybe that is how online stores happen?  Anyone know?  I am going to do an etsy.com shop soon though.  I am determined!!!  I would appreciate any words of wisdom from out there!


  1. Okay...so the Etsy thing should be done soon! I am itching to shout it across my own blog & Facbeook that you are there! Heck...maybe I'll even get around to getting onto Etsy. I am working on making cards. I love my Cricut!

    As for the lemons statement...I love it! It's a keeper. Just grab a bottle of tequila to go w/the lemons! :)


  2. Make sure you shop name is something you can use across the board.

    Good luck with your etsy shop!


  3. Yeah, I don't know about a name. I thought of a few but they seem just sort of random (like the thoughts in my brain). I do have an idea for a picture to represent that shop. To be continued....