Sunday, December 5, 2010

blogger's block

Sorry to say that I have had blogger's block.  Is that an expression?  OK, it is now.  It's a few months in and I am still not sure what direction to take this blog.  All I know is this time of year has my head in a whirlwind.  Yesterday I went to get some presents and oh took hours.  I got what I needed (and have a few returns to make).  Here is the most important part of yesterday's excursion.  First of all, I saw a teenager walking down the street with a pacifier in her mouth.  Is that a new fad?  Not into it.  Second, I saw numerous people walking around stores talking to themselves.  I even tried to make sure and check to see if they had a bluetooth, which none of them did.  This month is driving everyone bananas.  On that note...I must Target, I saw a 1 pound package of Reese's peanut butter cups.  It was two large cups.  I have never seen than before.  I picked up the package, read what it was and then heard a very long, drawn out "ohhh my G-d!!!"  After a second I realized that voice was my own.  I actually was so surprised that the words just involuntarily escaped from my mouth!  I quickly walked away because really that was a bit weird.  Oh, and no I didn't buy it.  $9.99 for Reese's is a bit steep.
Also at Target, I saw a sweater I liked.  It was on the wrong rack so I walked around to see if there were more.  I couldn't find them so I circled again.  I just needed to know if it was supposed to be on the sale rack or not.  When I got was gone.  So then I circled again to see if  could find the person who picked up the sweater.  I didn't.  I realized that I was now circling repeatedly, not even looking to buy something but to find the person who bought the something that I have no idea if I wanted in the first place.  This is enough to make you want a pacifier or a pound worth of Reese's.  Is it January yet????  :-)


  1. For someone with bloggers block, this entry is rather amusing.

    For the record, the pacifier thing is dumb. Haven't seen it here & pray that I don't for fear that I will ask the teenager what the deal is w/the pacifier.

    As for the Reese's...OMG! That's insane!

    Sorry about the sweater. I would have taken it & gone to the register w/it to be sure on the price. If it wasn't on sale, you could have left it at the register.

    Oh well. Happy Blogging!

  2. LOL I have seen the pacifiers in teen's mouths before. The Reeses Cup would have left the store with me.

    Oh, and talking to yourself in the stores gives you elbow room. People move back and stare in amazement and this gives you room too look with out bumping elbows! It's actually a great strategic move!

    Have a wonderful day!