Saturday, October 19, 2013

I wonder what I should wonder about?

Hello All,
I am not able to commit to posting every day or on any particular schedule.  Unfortunately, my most bloggable thoughts usually occur to me while I am stuck in traffic.  Although I do often find myself driving 5 mph, I have decided against putting the laptop on my steering wheel and blogging while driving. Come to think of it, there is insane driving in Miami so maybe the other drivers ARE blogging?
Anyway, I was thinking about blog topics.  Inspired by Christie of, I started wondering if I should go for a schedule of themes to help me choose a topic. That leads to the question of what themes I could come up with. Of course my first thought was "Taco Tuesdays" but I don't really have much to say about that and to be honest, I don't always eat tacos on Tuesdays. (Also, I'm not sure why I said "of course" because what made that so obvious??)  Anyway, I know I would like to cover the following subjects: bunny stories, songs and lyrics that inspire and art (made by either myself or someone else that I can spotlight.  I haven't made anything in a while though so mostly it will be the art of others). Otherwise, I think just whatever randomness strikes my fancy.  Can anyone think of any other good themes?  If my sister ever reads this blog (shame on you), I am fairly sure she will think of our themes that we made up to make subway rides more interesting.  However, I am not sure how crazy hat day will pan out on a blog...
Any thoughts?


  1. I would like to see a blog about how you would change the common core curriculum, such as how to behave during a baseball game (no eating before the 2nd inning) and how to stop yourself from moving around while you are sleeping (and scare the hell out of sister). Also, don't forget No Meds Monday!

  2. Maddie probably would like to know how you feel about the Beatles recent breakup.

  3. Do you ever talk about your bunnies' interactions with each other or other animals? That would make my day!! :) (I'm simple like that). As far as a theme, do you ever people watch? Since you're so funny, I bet you'd be great at describing different people you see and what they might be thinking.

    1. Yeah, I think the bunnies interactions are highly entertaining. Oh, except on nap days. Some days they seem to be very tired and very itchy and that's that. As far as people watching...ha, that could get ugly. You should hear what I say when I am stuck in traffic!

  4. OK, my family's comments are not that helpful because Maddie is 5 and doesn't know how to read, plus, obviously I am pissed off about the Beatles break-up. Everyone is! Mom: I cannot write about the Shirelles, I can only sing their songs (badly) and Meri. I don't know if the world can handle the amount of rules I can make about everything.