Tuesday, October 12, 2010

bunny stuff!

So now the birthday is past, now what?  I mean honestly, I have more coupons that haven't expired yet but it just seems wrong to write about them at this point.  My birthday is so far away....and wow I consumed a lot of calories last week.  Besides, I am on a budget and saving money was really expensive!
Different people keep asking me to write about different topics.  Sneakers, beauty products and of course, the infamous rabbits, Cuby and Oafie.  I can get to all of that but really, I am doing the bunny fans an injustice if I don't get to the bunnies.  Do you know that Cuby has over 2,000 facebook fans?  His fame spans every continent.  Besides that, he and Oafie (and Noname and Daisy, the loves of his life) have been the subject of many lesson plans and activities here in Florida and in my sister's classes in New York.  A little known fact, I am trying to write a children's book about the story of his life.  I don't mean his current story: nap, eat, poop, repeat.  I mean how he came to be my pet.  He was a rescue who was not treated kindly in his former home.  He came here with a serious attitude and he continues to be a bit...temperamental.  It literally took years to tame Cuby.  Years and a whole lot of craisins.  I couldn't get him to bond with me until after Noname died and he got a new cage.  There was a lot of his instinct involved and I had to spend a lot of time speaking softly, sitting on the floor with him and being patient.  So, he is very cute and furry and all but also the children that learn about him are always really interested in his transformation.  They really root for the underdog (underbunny?  it had to be said).  So Cuby has taught me a lot, not only about bunnies but also about children and their natural interest kindness to animals and in fixing a wrong.  Oafie has taught me a lot too.  Mostly about how fascinating it is to watch a rabbit repeatedly groom her ears and her weird mohawk. 

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