Saturday, October 9, 2010

My birthday...I am full

OK, I know I said the quest would be hard work but I wasn't kidding.  Here it is, the day after my birthday.  I haven't used that many coupons and yet....I am full!  ha!  I love my free make-up from Sephora.  It is a little white eye shadow (worn today), a green eyeliner and a mini-mascara.  Awesome!  While on the topic of beauty stuff, I just ordered Egyptian Magic (the link for it is on the blog-thank you Cecilia).  This stuff is really good.  It is moisturizing and thick without being slimey.  The jar it came in (which is a good read) says it was used by the ancient Kamitians.  I didn't know who that was but apparently they lived in Egypt and had good skin. 
So now back to real life.  I guess I can't celebrate (and eat) forever.  It was fun while it lasted.  Now what to talk about?  Maybe the next 51 weeks should be devoted to becoming an exercise blog in preparation for my next bithday...yeah, right.  That is so not going to happen!!!
Celebration!  Me and my free Peanutbutter Perfection from ColdStone!!!

 Oh one more thing.  What is up with this blog?  I have heard people have clicked on follow and they are not on my followers list.  People tell me they commented but those don't show up.  Anyone know what is going on?  Blogger????


  1. I do not know what is going on. I just posted a comment, right now. This one, you know, I hope!

  2. ha! Well, then you have solved the problem because it worked!

  3. maybe you have to have a google account?

  4. Yes, I think so and I think people don't realize it and think they joined when they really didn't. Or, they are just messing with me.