Thursday, October 28, 2010

People StyleWatch is watching…some other planet

OK, so right now this blog is just a general comment here and there until I pick a real focus.  However, I am sure that this will go in the direction of fashion or design at some point or another.  Today is not that day though.
Every month when magazines arrive in my mailbox, I get excited.  Well, except for People StyleWatch.  I am not exactly sure why I subscribed to it.  I am not much of a celebrity watcher.  I love fashion and especially accessories but I don’t really care what or “who” the stars are wearing.  First of all, I don’t know who most of them are.  Everyone looks so similar that I can’t tell who is who.  I swear Katie Perry and Zooey Deschanel are the same person.  Also, I had to google her name just now to write that.  Anyway, I think I got this magazine for free for a few months and then it was cheap so I ordered it.  Each month I feel obligated to read it since it is in my mailbox.  This month, here is what I got out of it:

What’s IN What’s OUT:

I had no interest in any of the stuff that’s IN this month:
Lifestyle diets- ugh, eat healthy, we know!!!!
Glass accessories- um, ok
Fancy vegetarian menus- sounds good…for dessert
Electro swing- never heard of it
Retro tech- record players are in?  I have no room for one. Where are all my records? How will I fit a record on my ipod shuffle?

It’s the what’s OUT part that got me though:
Off-the-beaten-path-clubs: this is so not relevant to my life at all.
Online T.M.I.- really?  The very month I start a blog???
Poker parties:  it says celebs are hosting weekly Mafia murder-mystery parties instead.  I think I saw something like that on The Office.  Is that what started this trend?  Because that was last season so that is soooo last season.
Fat Cats- it says that cat obesity is now a serious issue so people are buying interactive toys for their cats.  I wonder how many people read this article and then informed their feline that they are now uncool.   I am not a vet, but I kind of think that it is the pet owner’s responsibility to maintain their pet’s weight…and coolness.
Critter Wine Labels- people don’t want pictures of animals on their wine labels anymore.  What’s a kangaroo aspiring model to do?

So there you have it.  I have just made you so much more stylish than you were a month ago.  Now go play with your cat!


  1. Sure blogging would be out now that I am doing it! I'm always so last season! Oh well...I'm still me!

  2. I don’t know Janis, but I am starting to suspect that there is a conspiracy theory behind this obsession with what is in and out. Maybe it is all about increasing consumer spending since it is 70% of GDP. Maybe the government is secretly publishing magazines, and we are not being told because it is a secret. Really, if 3/4’s of the population does not spend then we have only 30% of GDP as a remaining balance which at the moment makes me very doubtful of my theory; however, I think I am late for my nightly UFO watch…. Wait before; I go I think that my cat Panda does not suffer from this new weight problem, so I don’t think I will be buying him any interactive toys. Maybe he is too skinny, did they mention anything about that? Life in the twenty-first century is getting really complicated.

  3. Jordan had a fat cat named Sunny. I called him Sunny D!!!

  4. No mention of fat rabbits right? Good thing. We don't want to read about that. I should get every animal I know on facebook to cancel their subscription! But why would a bunch of animals read People????

  5. Skinny cats were not mentioned. I don'tknow about your theory. If they were using magazines to increase spending, they would have a "what's IN" column and then a "what's also IN" column. The "OUT" column messes up your theory. I am sure cat food sales have already plummeted with the fashionistas due to this captivating article.

  6. Wow, that is fascinating...I feel so bad for these cats, now they will probably have to see a therapist to help them with any eating disorders that may result from this blog, but at least they will be healthy. I don't really know about my theory, I wasn't really that sure about it to start with. I hope I wasn't catching a cold and my brain was starting to go somewhere else at the time because my inspiration may have been sort of brainless. Wow! that was very a deep thought! No, I meant a very deep thought! I still think Panda is kinda skinny, but maybe its because he is a trend setter...yeah, he is probably way ahead of these fashionistas.

  7. LOL, thus the term..."Fat Cat"

    Thanks for entering my blog giveaway!


  8. Since I don't have a cat, fat or skinny, I'm unaffected - - then again since we're wondering, what will the chinese serve now? Skinny cat? Maybe a lifestyle diet has nothing to do with food and exercise and it has to do with spending less and sleeping more? Glass accessories were so festival flea market two summers ago. And the ones for your house require dusting so no thanks.

  9. I thought the same thing about the dust. and by the way, I think dust and dusting is perpetually OUT!