Sunday, October 24, 2010

where is my brain?

Don't think I have nothing to say.  Just know that I have a bad cold and my brain is in a fog.  Why does this happen?  I mean seriously, where does your brain go when you have a cold?  I have spent so much time staring into space this weekend or I would have something to say but not have the energy to bother.  I would think the same thought repeatedly and then think, ok, I guess I need to just say this one.  On Friday, Scott was nice enough to get me wonton/egg drop soup (don't worry, he got me matzo ball on Saturday).  He even got extra fortune cookies. I opened up the cookie and at the last second realized I was staring at, but not really seeing, the cookie and was raising the fortune to my mouth.  uh....what?  Granted, I didn't complete this action but what's the deal?  Worst part, the fortune was not at all interesting and the Chinese place now gets fortune cookies that are English on one side and Spanish on the other.  Now I don't know what my lucky numbers are and can't learn a new Chinese word.  Also, I don't know how to say "in bed" in Spanish.  Anyway, my cold is going away and I will continue my life long quest of getting a fortune that says "you love Chinese food."  I got that once in high school and am totally pissed I didn't keep it.  Hopefully when I get it, I won't have a cold and accidentally ingest it.  achoo...


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Being sick w/a cold stinks!

  2. Thanks. I don't have a fever anymore but still feel like my IQ is much lower than normal. On the bright side, I had Chinese soup again so maybe this fortune will be the one...

  3. Now, I am a bit worried because I never asked myself that question: where does your brain go when you have a cold? I really hope it doesn’t go too far and then forgets to go back to where it came from or worse that it goes to the wrong place and it crosses paths with another brain, and when it returns I end up getting someone else’s brain. Bye, I have to run; I am going to go take some vitamin C just in case….