Friday, November 26, 2010

my happy Black Friday

I woke up at 5:30 on this Black Friday.  Oh, I wasn't heading to buy anything.  Scott was going to work and we were staying at his parents house.  I woke up from the alarm and Natasha the dog slowly creeping in my space.  I dropped Scott off and went home and went back to sleep.  I was quite tempted to go shopping considering every tv and radio commercial I have seen or heard for the past week has been taunting me with sales and deals.  I was more tempted to sleep. 
A couple of weeks ago the news featured a few stories about people who are only keeping what is essential and keeping their belongings to less that 100 items.  I thought that was just awful.  I like stuff.  Besides, in beads alone, I would be so far over its a joke.   I just like stuff.  pretty stuff, shiny stuff, things that bring back memories, blah blah blah.  When they showed these people's apartments, well it was just sad to me.
So I didn't get rid of all my stuff (although I am on an eternal quest to become organized and neat....G-d help me in that endeavor).  I didn't buy any stuff either.  I know exactly what I want and am saving for.   I am trying to know what I already have and where I put it.  I am sorry to say that I will not be spending $689 or whatever the projected amount per buyer this season is.  I encourage you all to shop or minimize or organize or whatever it is we are supposed to be doing and not doing all at the same time.  All I know is, I hope we all get what we want!

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  1. Janis, this is quiet possibly the best blog entry yet!

    First off, while I did do some shopping on Black Friday, I didn't get up & out till after noon. And when I did get out, it was only to buy stuff for ME!!! That's gifts for others, it was all for me me me!!!!

    As for having only 100 things, yea, that isn't going to work for me. I have more pairs of I'm already WAY over the limit. Plus like you, I have too much sentimental value in things that sometimes I just can't bare to part w/them. Like my photos. OMG! I even bought four new frames & an album over this weekend.

    Happy Blogging!