Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hello???? (insert echo here)

So, if you let three years go by between posts, how do you catch up?  Luckily, this blog was never really about my life in the first place so there isn't that much to catch up on.  So, it's later the same life....  That nice boyfriend that I used to mention is now my nice husband.  We have had some pet changes.  Both Cuby and Oafie died in 2012.  That was really tough.  Cuby was like 100 years old though.  I mean, in bunny years, he was literally about 100 years old.  Oafie died a few months later.  The doctor said, of a "broken heart."  That made me feel terrible.  A couple of months later we got our new friends Squirtford and McFlurry.  I am sure I will feature them at some point.  Right now I just spent 30 minutes grooming them, so I'm not speaking to them.
Anyway, so three years....I don't even understand how to use blogger anymore.  Do people even blog anymore?  Hasn't anyone invented some chip that you insert into your ear and it automatically uploads blog-worthy thoughts and transmits them to everyone on twitter?  Wow, what an awful idea.  If anyone ever reads this and is tech-savvy, please don't do that.
By the way, I started this blog almost exactly three years ago.  I was initially blogging about all the free stuff I was going to get for my birthday and that is just a few weeks away again....and I will still be reaping the benefits of that quest from 3 years ago!  Blogger says that the blog had 30 followers in 2010 so if anyone is still out there, please leave a comment and say hello!


  1. LOL 3 years! I am surprised you remembered you password!

    I blog almost every day. It was every day for a long time and there are some days now where I don't find the time.

    I used to spend a minimum of one hour a day reading and commenting on blogs. Now I only do that on Sunday mornings, early.

    I think people enjoy reading blogs, when they have time. Most don't bother to comment. Some just take a quick look.

    Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!


  2. Hi Christie! Yes, I can see how every few days would be good. I had a great time reading through what I wrote 3 years ago and the comments people wrote. I have to make a note to self to read blogs AND comment! I did, by the way, struggle with the password!!! :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Janis, glad you are back, and thanks for updating us readers. Regarding this post, I want to say that I am glad no one has "invented some chip that you insert into your ear and it automatically uploads blog-worthy thoughts and transmits them to everyone on twitter." This does not sound like a good idea, but perhaps if it was combined with some other invention that facilitated it, I may change my mind. Have a wonderful week!