Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hey, as soon as I made up my mind that I had to write regularly, I stopped writing!  So I told myself I don't have to and here I am.
I have been meaning to write about this topic for a while.  Do you have any theories about life, the world or how it works that you can share with this blog?  I am not looking for enlightenment here, just entertainment.  For example:  you know how sometimes you hear yourself singing or thinking about a song and it is totally out of the blue?  Then you are like, huh?  where did that song come from?  Maybe you haven't heard it in 10 years.  Maybe you absolutely hate the song and you can't stop thinking about it anyway.  I mean sometimes it turns out there was a commercial on in the background or someone else was humming it but sometimes it just seems to pop up out of nowhere.  Plus, sometimes it is a song that repeatedly comes to you at random times.  I don't even want to venture to guess how many times I have randomly started humming the Meow Meow Cat Mix commercial.  Did I just write that on a public forum?
Anyway, my theory is this.  Brain Burps.  You know, kind of like acid reflux of the brain.  ARB, if you will.  You know all this crap is stored up in that brain of yours, stuck in all those cells.  Its all buried deep, layer upon layer.  Now my theory does not include what causes the reflux.  I mean, heck, I'm no scientist.  All I know, is something moves, and then something dislodges and then burrrrp.  If I visualize it, I think of a plate of nachos.  You move a bottom one and then all the layers move and you don't know which topic is going to fall down and where.  Only difference is this is reflux so it goes against gravity so the nacho/random song goes up rather than down on the plate.
This theory is a bit gross and yet hunger producing.  It also may leave you singing the Meow Meow Meow song.  For that, I apologize.  So my question for you is this:  Do you have any theories out there to explain life's complexities?  If not, what song is stuck in your head?


  1. I had to laugh at the Meow, meow, Meow,....

    Years ago my oldst played a game called Frogger. I absolutely hated that song (if you can call it that) then I day, I was dusting and turned to find my son staring at me with a huge smile on his face....I was humming the Frogger tune! LOL

    I think we think about how annoying a tune is and there is a trigger that goes off, and there it is...Meow, meow meow! LOL

    Merry CHRISTmas!

  2. Meow! Funny coming from someone who owns bunnies.

    Okay, do I have a theroy for life? Nope...I don't like pondering such heavy topics. They tend to scare me. I like living w/my head in the sand so I can wake up & face each day no matter how much I might dislike my job, or my coworkers, or the men I meet, or doing sit ups, or having to worry about my appearance, or worry that the world is in fact going to end on 12/21/12 like the Mayans seem to think, or that I am in fact never going to finish the next great American novel. Whew. theories here. I'm just too scared to even think about it.

    So...what's new w/you?

  3. Well right now, the Meow Meow Meow song is stuck in my head too, also “Don’t You Want Me Baby” by Human League which is strange because I really don’t want that song in my mind at the moment. That’s strange; I think I am having brain burps in stereo. Probably not!

    As far as theories are concerned, I don’t have one, and if I elaborate on that it could turn into twenty pages of writing. I do think that I have heard that we still do not know where thoughts come from or where they originate. I believe you can see a thought moving if you dissect a brain, but we do not know its origin; consequently, we would have to get a little scientific to explain things.

    In a book titled Elegant Universe, Brian Greene talks about “string theory” in which all things are supposedly connected by tiny little strings. Actually, they are perhaps smaller than subatomic particles. Moreover, he says that there may be invisible worlds right next to us, we just do not see them. He explains it by using sliced bread…when we slice bread; we get many divisions from one unit. Ok, I think that I am lost already or maybe I drank too much Kava juice last night; however, maybe these brain burps come from a parallel universe that…never mind, next subject.

    Anyhow, I heard one time that” radical ideas that threaten institutions, later on become institutions that are threatened by radical ideas.” I think that may actually be true, but I do not know if I can prove it. Oh well, I like this posting it makes me think.

  4. I think we are all God's big Sims game ...

    ...the old Nintendo 64 Pokemon Snap music gets stuck in my head all the time ... and, I am notorious for humming Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer all year long ...