Sunday, October 27, 2013

Guest blogger: Squirtford

Food Dispenser #1 is busy doing whatever it is she does so I decided to step in and blog for the weekend.  First of all:  Hi!  I'm Squirtford.  I'm the boy bunny with the short fur.  My sister McFlurry is rather silly and always wanting to snack or escape.  I am more of the serious type.  I like red pellets (if you read my nose when it goes up and down, it says "pellets, pellets, pellets), morning nose pets, staring at my wall and hiding in towels, paper bags and boxes.  I often jump on top of the box and the Food Dispensers say "yes Squirtford?" Then my nose tells them what snack I want but they don't seem to understand me.  It's a bit frustrating.
Anyway, I have had such a crazy weekend.  You would not believe what they have put me through!  First of all, during the week is when I can relax because the humans are always rushing off to go make hay money so it's nice and quiet.  For some reason though, FD #1 stayed home on Friday.  So this seriously cut into my normal schedule of napping, eating, drinking, pooping, staring at nothing, licking McFlurry, etc.  FD kept talking to me!  Then she said she had a "surprise" for us and showed me some weird glasses.  I decided to ignore all that and ask for red pellets.  All seemed fine until...SATURDAY!
Here's how it happened.  First FD#1 put me on the couch.  Usually she does that when she wants to cuddle and give me snacks.  Well this time, she said she was going to take my picture.  I wasn't prepared for this so I started the grooming process.  Luckily I groom myself every 5-10 minutes so not much needed to be done.

When I was done, she tried to put glasses on me so I tried to attack them.  She wanted me to sit still so she called FD #2 over and he held me down and they took this picture of me!  Can you believe it?

Don't I look grumpy?  That's is a very long and ungroomed moustache so I was pretty unhappy.  I'm all about short neat fur so I attacked the glasses like this:

They offered me raisins, my favorite snack but I wouldn't eat it.  FD #1 knew I was so mad at her.  I never turn down raisins so she knew she was in big trouble.  I think she felt very very guilty....but not guilty enough to spare McFlurry!  McFlurry never wants to sit still so FD #2 held her down right away.  She didn't care too much.  She's used to unruly long hair so it wasn't much of a stretch for her.

She did try to free her nose though.  You can't hold a bunny's nose down!

Since she's naughty, she attacked the glasses too but she accepted her snacks.  She's not as serious about principles as I am.
Today however, we got revenge.  When the Food Dispensers weren't looking, I did this!  Take that Pina! I'm a bunny so I don't know how to put the ~ on top of the n.  Whatever, I have put you in the silly glasses and spelled your name wrong! ha!!!

  Otherwise, today I was spared of all this craziness but they did vacuum which always puts me in a bad mood.  I forgive them now though and am ready to accept red pellets from them.  Gotta go tell them.  Bye!

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