Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pavlov's bunnies?

Thank you Squirtford for stepping in while I had a busy weekend.  That Squirtford, he's a stand up guy.  Keeping up with the Squirt theme, I thought I'd share my scientific findings from my bunnies.  Here is the setting- each morning the bunnies get pellets for breakfast.  The pellets are brown but there are some red pellets mixed in, but not many.  The rabbits LOVE the red ones.  My husband and I wonder how/why the red are so much better.  We don't wonder enough to try them though.  Anyway, I always tell them that they shouldn't eat all the red ones right way.  "Spread it out and save some for later" but they never listen and they pick out all the good ones.  I can't even figure out how they find them.  Their eyes are on the sides of their heads so they can't see in the bowl.  Their little sniffers are that powerful!?!!?!!  When they are gone from the top of the bowl, Squirt sticks his feet in and digs until he finds more.  Many brown pellets fly....  Anyway, that is the routine.
I noticed last week that Squirt wasn't jumping over to eat the pellets right away.  I kept wondering if he was sick or had a toothache but I saw him eat at other points in the day so I was just keeping an eye on him (I also put a nose on him but you know that story already).  I kept wondering why he wasn't hurrying to eat the red ones (and by the way, McFlurry is like a little food vacuum with no mercy.  You snooze you lose!). 
Yesterday I got the missing clues to this case.  I noticed Squirt jumped on the shelf when he heard the pellets.  That's the wrong direction!  How strange.  In the evening I mentioned this to my husband who then told me that whenever he gives them pellets, he picks a few red ones out for Squirtford and feeds them to Squirt, who is sitting on the shelf!!!!  AHA!
Mystery solved.  The sound of pouring pellets makes Squirt jump up to the shelf expecting red pellets!  I didn't know!  He didn't tell me (he could have at least mentioned it on the blog this weekend!).
Well, this morning I felt all cool.  Now I know the drill and all.  So I open the door, take out the bowl and pour the pellets, picking out a few for Squirtford....but Squirt didn't go on the shelf.  He just stood there facing me...staring.....until I gave him his red pellets.  Yikes!!!! Conclusion:  I don't know but give Squirt his pellets!!!!


  1. My thought on this post is that these rabbits want their pellets one way or another; as long as they get them they will be satisfied. I am glad that you and your husband have not wondered enough to try the pellets, but I am sure they won’t taste too bad. Not that I would know because I have never tried or thought about trying any pet food ever. Now, I did here a story by Cheech and Chong once about them almost stepping on something that resembled dog poop, and they tasted it to confirm that it was what they thought it was. After realizing that it was dog poop, they were so glad they didn't step on it. In closing, I think I would prefer tasting the pellets regardless of the color, instead of dog poop. I hope I didn't get too side-tracked or distasteful, literally speaking. This was definitely a thought provoking post.

    1. Please tell me that is not a true story! That is rather "distasteful."
      As for the pellets, they are made of timothy hay, which neither of us are interested in eating. I don't know what is in the red ones. I should read the bag....but since bunnies are vegetarians, it can't be anything THAT bad. But since they love kale, it can't be anything THAT good!

  2. Interesting, I know kale is suppose to be good for us, but it is a tad bitter. As far as the Cheech and Chong story is concerned, I don't really know if it is true, but they did tell it in their act, so I think that their may be a strong possibility that it is true.