Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy birthday Blog!

Happy birthday blog!  I realized by the ridiculous amount of emails from places I don't shop at, that I must wish this blog a happy birthday!  Thanks to this blog, I got two free pumpkin spice lattes (the first time, she asked if it was my actual birthday and when I said yes, she gave it to me on the house without using the code) .  Cold Stone Creamery is in my near future.
I wasn't that into this birthday.  I generally like them but I have, of late, noticed an irritating correlation between birthdays and the fact that my age keeps going up.  So I decided to protest my birthday (ok, I was still planning on the latte and ice cream) but then I remembered a few important facts:
1. Those who do not have birthdays anymore are not alive.  If given a choice, I would choose to age gracefully (or try to)  rather than kick the bucket.
2. People around me look forward to my birthday.  My husband was busy planning and writing cards, people were wishing me well and I made my mom and a friend of mine feel awkward by saying I didn't like my birthday this year.  They had no idea if they should say something about it or not.  Oops.
3.  I work with kids.  Kids love birthdays.  I didn't really mention anything to the adults around me but I did tell me students and they thought it was very exciting (yet disappointing that I wasn't having a theme party).
4. My husband got me a Baskin Robbins birthday cake- enough said.

So happy birthday and happy weekend and happy everything.  I just remembered that we should be celebrating anything we can because that is the fun stuff!  I can't believe I almost missed it!

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