Sunday, November 3, 2013

#I don't get twitter

I don't want to sound like I am totally out of it but you know that thing called twitter?  I don't get it.  I joined it but then I didn't add anyone I know because I figured I can already see what they are saying on facebook. So then I added a bunch of news sources-which isn't very helpful since I watch Brian Williams almost religiously (but really get my info. from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert).  Then I added a bunch of "housewives" of various places who basically retweet how much people love them. Actually, their tweets make me like them and their shows less.  I added a bunch of celebrities but although I love Russell Crowe, I am not really interested in his daily exercise routine.  I don't care how many kilometers he walked because I am an American and don't know what a kilometer is.  Every once in a while I tweet something important.  A couple of weeks ago I tweeted to win a reading from the Long Island Medium.  I didn't win.  I thought my twitter feed was so #boring that I joined a whole bunch of anything I can think of.  Then I few people started following me.  I think they wanted me to buy something?  I felt obligated to post something so I retweeted a giant angora bunny picture from George Takai. 
So, what am I missing?  Was I supposed to look for my friends?  Am I supposed to search by hashtags?  Was it always called a hashtag or did twitter invent that?  What happened to "pound sign"?I have to say, that I do feel a bit left out on the # thing.  I kind of want to put them on my facebook updates or in sarcastic conversation. 
The twitterverse is huge and I am missing out!!!  I don't get it! Anyone? #help #missingout #yeahforhashtags #bunniesruledogzdrool #McFlurry #Squirtford #gotthatoutofmysystem #veryannoyingtotypewithnospaces

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