Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanking a blog: Thank you blog!

I am thankful for many things but I am going to blog about being thankful for this blog.  I follow many other blogs and many are about real life.  I know that this must be cleansing to do but my decision was to make this blog not about my life but just the little things that occur within it.  I get enough real life all day long so I decided to use the blog to pinpoint things that make me feel good.  On some days, it is hard to think of a topic but I work with children and one thing I always ask them is "tell me something nice about your day."  So this blog is often my answering that same question.  Even if it wasn't a good day or it was just a "typical day" (my students always tell me that), I strive to find something that I can write about that will help me focus on the positive.  I couldn't think of anything the other day but wound up reminiscing about paper fans and water fountains (and later discussing this with my husband and sister) because the bright point of that day was my conversation with my friend Marla about air conditioning and us laughing at my ridiculously dramatic story of my "tough times" growing up without it.  I blog about my bunnies because they bring joy to myself and my husband and on any day, they do something that can make me laugh.  Plus, they are always staring at me so if I can't think of anything, it just gets awkward. (She's staring at me right now.) The blog about my grandmother's art, well, that one made a few people cry but in the way of bringing fond memories about someone who deserves to be remembered in that way.  The other day my husband asked me to blog about how good his meatloaf was but I refused, not wanting to write a blog on meatloaf (gee, why?) but he gets honorable mention for making delicious meatloaf, particularly when I have a lot of work to do!  I use the blog to talk about inspiration in music and lyrics because frankly, sometimes I need it and sometimes I ask people to read it because I think they do too. This blog is an opportunity to let me wonder but not worry about the big stuff, just ponder about the everyday and I love that.  Life is really interesting when you pay attention to the details. Hey, this blog started three years ago around my birthday.  I must thank this blog because every year I get tons of birthday coupons. All that free ice cream, is thanks to janisiswondering!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, including you Janisiswondering!


  1. The point of the meatloaf was that I do whatever it takes to help this household run smoothly and by not measuring the ingredients not only does it make it delicous but it takes a tad bit of stress off of my amazing wife.

  2. I don't know, but for some reason after reading this post I seem to have gotten hungry and forgot what I was going to say. Oh well, happy Thanksgiving. I am going to go eat something now. Bye!

  3. I want to taste Scott's meatloaf