Monday, October 4, 2010

The Quest and the next quest????

I came home today to find 45 emails had been sent since checking my email in the morning.  I spent a good half hour reading through all of them.  I had emails from Dairy Queen, Bucca di Peppo’s, the Melting Pot, Ben and Jerry’s and Texas de Brazil (free entrée with the purchase of another entrée!  That’s a good one!)  I have to pick and choose which ones to print out because no one is giving away ink.  Speaking of, I am not finding too many places giving away items, not food.  I got an email from Vera Bradley but it was not birthday related.  It also was not interesting to me since I happen to detest Vera Bradley (although was willing to accept something for free from her).    My Anthropology email was also not birthday related.  So then I realized that my November quest may have to be to unsubscribe from all of these email lists I have found myself on.  That won’t make for interesting blog writing.  Side note, I am reporting an improvement in the weather conditions in Florida today.  I didn’t see even one lizard fall from the sky today.

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